How to install your old tyre and inner tube on your new Swytch motor wheel

  1. Clean your old tyre inside and out and leave it to dry.
  2. Check the rim tape is centred and not rising up anywhere on the rim.
  3. Check the tyre bead for any kinks and cracks, and look for tears in the sidewall or tread to assess the general condition of the tyre. If you see expensed metal from the wire bead, chuck it away.
  4. Put the tyre and inner tube into the motor wheel rim, making sure the inner tube is a little bit inflated at a full stroke or two of the pump. With the tyre and tube put on the rim, both beads should be inside the well of the rim. Inflate to about 10%-20% of the recommended highest PSI (100PSI Tyre = 10-20 PRI).
  5. Then, using the edge of a table or clear worktop, rest a part of the wheel on and brace the rest of the wheel against your chest or torso. Check to see if the tyre is properly bedded in. Using your thumbs you should try and "roll" the tyre where it becomes uneven or not bedded in properly.
    1. The wheel should be in a position so that the "dip" in the tyre is off set to the side of you and not in contact with the table.
    2. Use both hands to twist both side of the dip. Be sure to twist in the same direction away from the brake wall. I.e. if the dip is on the non-drive side of wheel, twist the tyre towards the drive side and visa-versa.
  6. Be sure to check that the tyre does not pop off when pumping. Take your time in checking both sides of the wheel for bulges or unseating while you pump. If the tyre begins to bulge, don't panic!
  7. Stop pumping, remove the head of the pump and deflate by pressinf the valve or remove the core using a valve tool. DO NOT INFLATE THE TYRE BEYOND THE MANUFACTURER'S STATED PRESSURES.
  8. If the rolling the tyre with your hands doesn't work, try using a lubricant such as talcum powder or soapy water to assist you, applying to the internal rim and beads of the tyre.


Please note: if you are fitting the same tyre from your original wheel you may find that the tyre has stretched over time, this is perfectly normal with wear, you will likely need a new tyre which is true to the size of the Swytch rim.

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